Prepare to Sell

Thank you for considering Zip Code Sonoma to sell your home!

We know your home is more than just a house. Whether you welcomed a new baby there, completed your first kitchen renovation, or made lifelong friends in the neighborhood, we understand that your home is special and undoubtedly holds many fond memories. Although this can be a big time of change for you and your family, we are here to guide you along the way and look forward to helping you throughout the process. 

A RACE TO THE FINISH! Think of this as a race, with you and your Zip Code Sonoma agent running side by side until we cross the finish line!

1. PREP & PRICING: Your Zip Code Sonoma real estate agent will help you review your timeframe and create a plan to prepare your home for the market. We manage the listing prep process for our clients and offer vendors and guidance regarding green options as part of our Zip Code ECO listing process. Together, we will evaluate local comparable sales to determine your home’s list price.

2. MARKETING: Your home will be listed in the MLS and we’ll work together to choose the most appropriate additional advertising channels and methods, including print and online advertising, public open houses and private guided tours.

3. REVIEW & NEGOTIATE OFFERS: Your Zip Code Sonoma agent will present all offers to you and negotiate to get you the best possible terms.

4. ESCROW OPENED: Once a final offer is accepted, buyer deposits their earnest money into an escrow account.

5. INSPECTIONS & DISCLOSURES: Buyer performs any additional inspections and then signs the disclosure package.

6. UNDERWRITING & APPRAISAL: Lender reviews buyer’s files. An appraisal will be done to establish the value of the property.

7. REMOVE CONTINGENCIES: The contract specifies a deadline to remove any and all contingencies. Once removed, the buyer’s earnest money is at risk if they decide to cancel the contract.

8. SIGN ESCROW DOCUMENTS: Buyer’s loan documents arrive at the title company. Buyers and sellers sign separately either on site or by mobile notary.

9. DOWN PAYMENT & LOAN FUNDING: Once the buyer’s funds to close are received, the lender will send in their money. You are almost there!

10. TITLE & CLOSE: Once all funds are in, the title company releases the grant deed for recording at the county, usually for the next day.

11. CONGRATULATIONS, YOUR HOME IS SOLD! The grant deed is recorded and your home is sold! Seller’s proceeds are typically received on the same day for a wire transfer, or in a few days if a check is mailed.

For your free home valuation or to learn more about how we help our clients get the most value for their property, you can reach out via this website, email us at or give us a call at 707.567.2053‬